How to Choose A Product Description Writing Service

Professional product description writing is a skill and profession just like any other professional service. Unfortunately, many people are hanging up shingles, running ads, and showing up in cyberspace claiming to provide this service when they have no writing skills, little experience, and no knowledge of their profession. There are no specific licensing requirements or even a complete educational program to train someone in product description writing. This means that anyone with the inclination can post an ad, print up business cards, or create a web site, and claim to be a product description writer.

I am amazed that many individuals claiming to be product writers don’t work at their craft. Many writers I’ve met have a wooden, sophisticated, anti-marketing style of writing. These writers don’t know that a product description writing project is a sales and marketing project and that, beneath all the stylistic requirements and formalities, product description writing is copy writing geared to increase traffic and sell products. Just because someone can write a newspaper story, write a novel, or teach an English class, doesn’t mean that he or she can write a description of a product that sells. case study help online

In addition to the quality of the writing itself, keep the following in mind. You will need to determine if you are dealing with a professional service or an amateur posing as a professional service. Since anyone can advertise themselves as a professional product description writing service, it is easy to be mislead. Here are some of the things you might ask when considering hiring a service.

1. Ask about their “team”. The majority of such online (and offline) writing projects tend to be large and involved. It is typical of professional writing services to have teams of two or three dozen writers, sometimes more. If they have no team or cannot give you a straight answer, it is likely they are not a professional.

2. Ask if they can manage a large project. Amateurs fishing for work will usually be caught off guard by this question because the large scope of most projects hasn’t occurred to them. If you are thinking to hire a team of individuals on your own, and manage the project on your own, look out! The logistics and communications can be overwhelming.

3. Ask specific questions about turn-around time and deadlines. Warning: Inexperienced product description writers vastly underestimate the time required to write first- rate product descriptions. This can create overly optimistic estimated turnaround times that can lead to significant problems down the road.

4. Asked about error handling. Professional services will have a fixed policy, amateurs will not. The better services mostly get it right the first time, and when they do not, they will usually fix errors for free.

5. Ask about pricing. Professional services will not give you a price off the top of their head. Anyone who gives you pricing without looking at the project is not a professional. Writing projects are not created equal and to treat them that way is the mark of an amateur. First-rate professional services will examine your project and talk about pricing options and show remarkable flexibility.



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