Know the Best Connections For Flat Screen TV

You may have an expensive flat screen TV but unless you use the best connections for flat screen TV you can get, you will end up with nothing but a fair A/V (audio + visual) experience!

Here I shall explain the most commonly used and best connections for flat screen TV also when to use them!

Line Input / Line Level linear screen

Line level is the signal level outputted by virtually all domestic audio equipment. Usually A/V equipment can be connected using RCA phono connections with white and red (White for left, Red for right) connectors for a stereo signal. Any equipment you see with these connections is usually outputting or inputting a line level signal.


The RF (Radio frequency) or (F connectors) also called (input and output) connections (as known outside Europe) are DRM (Digital rights management) free you find them on most A/V equipment. The first transmission of TV Pictures using RF was in 1938!


Composite video is for the picture only and is used usually as a cable with an RF type connector for A/V appliances. This connector is usually yellow.

The question: Which are the best connections for flat screen TV?

Around 2005 HDMI was brought to us as the new standard connections for flat screen TV. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) was placed in a lot of new HDMI A/V devices and is now taking over as standard practice.

Your TV will still work with any pre 2005 connections (as you know!) But it won’t have High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). In other words you can duplicate your A/V media much to artists dismay!

HDMI is the currently “so called” best connection, the difference between HDMI and the SCART connection is simple, one is digital – (HDMI) and the other analogue – (SCART) the difference in quality of A/V is so minimal to human senses it is practically unnoticeable to both naked eye and ear!



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