Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is designed to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Medical equipment also plays very important role in monitoring the condition of a patient undergoing treatment at a hospital. With the advent of internet, the medical equipment sector has seen a phenomenal growth and penetration. The basic medical equipment can be categorised into the following types:

– Diagnostic equipment that include medical imaging machines such as the MRI and ultra sound machines, X-ray machines, CT scanners and PET

– Therapeutic instruments such as LASIK surgical equipment, medical lasers and infusion pumps

– Life support instruments that are employed to aid in the functioning of the body properly such as the dialysis machine, ECMO, heart lung machine, anaesthetic machines and ventilators

– Monitoring equipment that allow the medical professional to keep a track of the functions of the various vital organs of a patient such as the EEG, ECG and blood pressure monitoring equipment

– Various medical laboratory instruments that enable professionals to analyse urine, genes and blood

All the equipment enumerated above is just a brief compendium and not an exhaustive list as with the advancement in medical science, biomedical engineering and stem cell therapy the number and diversity of medical equipment has grown exponentially during the last decade.

There are various companies that sell these products online. Hospitals and health care providers are increasingly availing of the services of these online companies due to high quality of equipment offered at very competitive rates. One however needs to do a thorough market study to ensure that they get the best products and in the quickest possible time.

The instruments must adhere to quality norms and be of the highest quality and be able to perform at the peak of performance level for a prolonged period of time. In a nut shell, the equipment should offer a good value for money and a high return on investment. Other aspect that one has to look at is the customer service, after sales support, warranty and acceptance in the medical fraternity.

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