Portable Diesel Generators For Power on the Go Review

Portable diesel generators are useful for a variety of different applications. It’s widely known that diesel engines generally last for a long time when they are compared to their gasoline powered counterparts. When you are considering some kind of portable power source, diesel might be a good way to go. They can offer you a lot more power than a solar or wind generator and you don’t have to rely on the weather to get that power.

Diesel power generators come in all kinds of different sizes and you’ll be able to find one that is appropriate for your use. You can find models that are rather large but still somewhat portable and they will come with wheels on the housing so that you can move them around. These might not be right for people who intend to have some portable power on the go for camping or when they are using a recreational vehicle. In those cases you can still get a relatively small unit that will be able to power things like a small television and can even operate multiple appliances at one time. diesel generator set

Gasoline or Diesel?

Many people are not sure about whether they should get a gasoline powered generator or a diesel portable generator. When you compare the two, you may find that a diesel generator would be more suitable for people who are likely to use it often. A gasoline engine will run hotter than a diesel and therefore it will have a shorter life. Diesel has the advantage of being able to create more power because it compresses only the air in the cylinder. You probably have heard in automotive terms that a diesel engine creates more torque and that is a distinct advantage.

On the downside of diesel, it can be a louder than a gasoline engine. This is truer in the past than it is now. Diesel technology has moved forward quite a bit and now they are only marginally louder than gasoline engines. Something that you might want to consider is that diesel engines sometimes have difficulty in extreme cold temperatures. If you are going to purchase one for use in an area where it is very cold, you will want to make sure that you get one with a glow plug.

Over time a portable diesel generator may also be the best choice for people who are going to use it often because of the fuel costs. Not only do they run longer, but they cost less to operate for the amount of power you get out of them. It’s just one more reason why people who are going to use the unit often should lean towards a diesel power generator.

Best Diesel Generators

If you are interested in getting something that is fairly portable, then consider a unit like a Baldor DG3E. It weighs 172 pounds so it is not something you want to carry long distances but it is still portable and it will provide 3000 W of power so you can get a lot of use out of it if you take this unit camping or to a remote location where you need to use power tools. It has an electric start motor which is a nice option in a portable diesel generator. It is not particularly cheap coming in at about $2700 but it doesn’t take up too much space and it will certainly get the job done, especially when you need to run high power demanding power tools like Husky air compressors.


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