Student Houses – 4 Reasons to Rent From a Private Landlord

There are advantages and disadvantages whether you use a letting agency or go straight to a private landlord in your search for a student house. Here are four reasons to rent a privately owned place, that should you help you in your search:

1. Your overall rent should be lower for similar accommodation student houses in lancaster

In any business area an agency makes its money by charging a percentage for finding and sending custom to a company or individual. This is no different in the rental market and as a result your rent may well be higher when using an agency compared to the rates you will usually pay with a private landlord. This is a comparison ideally made on a ‘like for like’ basis, where the houses would be of the same standard.

2. No administration fees to pay

Letting agencies will charge an administration fee for processing your case, whereas you should not be charged an administration fee by the landlord for setting up your tenancy of the house he owns. This has the potential of saving you a lot of money, perhaps hundreds of pounds.

3. Forge a better relationship with your landlord

When dealing with an agency, you are essentially a name in a book and part of their process. If you deal directly with the landlord, you are more likely to build up a rapport with them, as you will see them in person and speak to them on the phone. This creates a better landlord/tenant relationship and trust between both parties.

4. Landlords can be more open to your suggestions

In general, independent landlords can be more flexible in dealing with you and any suggestions you may have regarding your tenancy and the house itself. This includes the layout of furniture, any garden related issues and so on, so that the house is more of a home to you. Naturally the house belongs to the landlord, so they have the final say, but you have direct contact with them. You may also be able to negotiate on matters such as summer rent, when you will not be physically at the property.

When you’re searching for your ideal student house, you can save money, potentially a lot of money, if you bypass letting agents and look for reputable private landlords. You may spend more time looking for a privately owned house, but the long-term advantages can vastly outweigh the disadvantages.

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