The Basics of Surgical Instruments

If your a medical student or a doctor then general knowledge of basic surgical instruments is important and necessary because it’s not only surgeons that need to know instruments for surgery. Sometimes in a clinic you may be challenged with a case where you need surgical instruments. Therefore knowledge about basic medical instruments will keep you one step ahead. cannula manufacturer

Let’s first start with the most conventional instrument we use in a general surgical practice and that is dissecting forceps. These forceps also is known as the Mitchell’s forceps. This non-dissecting forceps is normally used to grasp things like intestines or blood vessels. You may be want to know as to how to grip dissecting forceps? You want to hold it between your thumb and index finger… kinda of like how you would a pen.

Surgical Scissors are a different category of surgical instruments Unfortunately unlike most surgical sets this does not fall into the orthopedic instruments category. Scissors are used to cut structure. The two different types of scissors are curved scissor and straight. One of the most common scissor is called the metzenbaum. The metzenbaum scissor is used to cut finer tissue such as a bladder or muscle tissue.

If your looking to hold the scissor as straight as possible then the best way is to place your finger on the joint of the scissors. This makes sure the scissors is more securely held and keeps a more controlled movement. Never be out of control or never lose control of your instruments because sometimes you can cut more of what you intend to cut. So always support the scissors with your finger from the reverse hand. Another way to regulate how much you want cut is to place your opposite finger at a distance which will help guide your cut better.

The more knowledge you have about medical equipment in a broad sense. The more you’ll be able to make out-of-field predications and diagnosis for your patients.


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