Three Ways to Type Faster

Many work-at-home jobs require at least some typing. Single-finger pecking the keys cost you time and money. You can speed up your typing skills using these three steps.


Developing your skill for touch typing requires at least three steps for improvement. These steps are position, practice, and no peeking. Before you begin experimenting with the steps below, it is important to have a base line of your current typing speed. There are many free typing tests online. Open your search engine and type, “free typing test” many search results will appear. Numerous typing tests come with free online games and tutorials. typing exercises


It is impossible to learn how to type well without learning the basics of typing. Your fingers must learn to navigate the keyboard. Each finger is responsible for touching certain keys. In order for your fingers to become familiar with these keys, it is imperative to learn good techniques. A typing tutorial will be helpful learning good technique. Use a free online tutorial to learn the basics of where your fingers should rest at in home row. Home row uses the keys a, s, d, f, j, k, l,;. Here is one good tip for learning to type: learn to identify words letter by letter instead of word by word.


The old cliche, practice makes perfect couldn’t be truer in this case. Typing takes practice and more practice, and even more practice. Using your typing skill on a daily basis helps you retain your speed and accuracy. An easy way to practice your typing is by playing an online typing game. There are plenty free ones online to choose from. Many of them are entertaining as well. Keeping your fingers moving in repetitious movements on the keyboard will sharpen your touch typing skill.


Probably one of the hardest tasks in learning how to improve your typing skills is to not look at your hands. Trusting your fingers to move the way you’ve taught them is difficult. Force yourself to focus on the words in front of you and not of the keys of the keyboard. Your fingers know where the keys are now it is time to let them fly. The more you practice without looking, the more your typing speed will improve. One tip you might try if you’re having trouble peeking, is to drape a hand towel over your hands while you type.


Typing is a learned skill, which takes time to learn the technique, practice the technique, and then trusting your fingers. Now you know how to improve your typing speed, you can make your day’s work more productive. Hen pecking the keys on the keyboard might be easy, but it costs you time in the long run. Learning how to increase your typing speed will save you time and money. The free online tests, tutorials, and games eliminate any reason for not learning this useful skill. Start your search engines and type faster.

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