A New smartphone From Oppo – The OnePlus Nord CE


One hot new smartphone from the popular smartphone manufacturer – Oppos – is the OnePlus Nord CE. It is the most powerful smartphone available for consumers in the Indian subcontinent. The company which is synonymous with producing high performance smartphones has teamed up with a renowned company called Oppo to produce this device. As per the reports, the company sold more than 20 million smartphones in the first year of its existence. So, it must be good.

Oppo’s first smartphone was launched in China only and the device was highly successful. It was one of the first smartphone in the market with a quad core processor, plenty of RAM and the facility of unlimited connectivity thanks to the ubiquitous red cased SIM card. One hot phone of the moment is the OnePlus Nord CE, a mid-range smartphone which has all the great features to seduce common users. Let us find out in details what makes it so good.

One thing which is unique about the Oppo smartphone is that it offers a free version of its Gingerbread Android operating system along with the package. This is because it is aimed at increasing the user base of the company. However, the software experience of the device is not that great and some people are expressing their opinion that its interface is a little too slow and unappealing. However, this can be a minor complaint when you consider that this is only one problem the software experience of the handset has to face. OnePlus Nord CE

When it comes to the hardware, the Oppo smartphone uses the standard SD card which supports the euro format. It also has a nice home button which makes it easier to use and it comes with a fingerprint scanner which might come in handy for some users. The Oppo does not have as many features as some other devices in its category, but it does have a decent range. If you are looking for something with more memory and storage then you might look at the OnePlus Nord CE 5g.

The OnePlus Nord CE 5g is powered by the same standard hardware as the rest of the smartphones. It features the same processor which has made the device practical for many users in their daily life. The standard memory size is 1GB and the OS which runs on this chip is not that impressive. There is no Bluetooth on the smartphone and it has a single speaker in the phone which does not work very well due to the thin nature of the body. In terms of battery life, the oneplus device lasts for about seven and a half hours on the whole. In some intensive tasks, the life might get reduced to around five hours, but it will depend on the usage.

The battery life in the smartphone is really poor compared to the competition. Other companies like the HTC Desire and the LG Optimus are way ahead in terms of smartphone battery life. When you compare the performances of the OnePlus Nord CE and the older devices from the last years, it is clear that the new device does not perform that badly. The performance is good enough to make it a good device, even if the older ones were much better. It is hard to find any major problems with the device.

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